Quick Update: Emails and Such

Last night, I stayed up with the mission that I was *not* going to bed until all my emails were answered. Finally finished at 2AM! Whew! But, I have also had some feedback from a few readers that I didn't get back to them. Uh-oh! Yes, despite every attempt to keep up and stay organized, I have at times lost an email by mis-filing it or worse yet, accidentally deleted it.

Yet another way I show you guys that I am 100% human. :) I honestly do try to get back to all of my readers, typically within a few days to a week. It all depends on what "fun" I'm having here (such as flu bugs, teething, sleepless nights with kids...you know...fun!) :)

So anyway, at this point, I think I'm caught up. If I haven't emailed you back, please don't think I'm a snob. I'm just a busy Mommy-Blogger that can sometimes (often) get disorganized---which I am totally working on, as you'll soon see. (A foreshadowing of things to come...yup!!) If you haven't heard from me, please re-send your request and I'll do my best to apologize immensely and answer you back. :) Also, I just noticed that some of you were using the address on my email newsletter, which is now my "freebie inbox" of 9,000+ emails! I've been trying to check it regularly but please use my coupongeek @ live.com address. Someday, Google will let me change that address but there's a glitch that is preventing it right now.

Thank you so much to all my readers for their kind comments and words of encouragement, especially this last month when I've been debating the direction of Coupon Geek's existence---should I stay or farewell? A cyber *HUG* to you all. You are definitely the air that keeps the life into this blog...and this blogger, who at this point, plans on keeping Coupon Geek alive for some time yet.


  1. Jaycie ~ you are amazing...and I would be so sad if you ever quit the blog...but I know how you feel. It is so fun, yet time consuming, and I think the key is balance... and if it isn't fun...then it isn't worth the time away from your family.
    However...you seem to be very balanced (and organized!) and most importantly a wonderful person who adds so much to the Mommy Bloggy world...so my vote is that you stick around for a long time!!

    (oh! and I am one of the ones who has been using your newletter email, gasp! glad you did this post!) HUGS, KL

  2. Jaycie, this is one of the places I have the MOST trouble keeping up!

  3. hello,would like to say i love coupon geek.i am a 43 male,and while my wife is at work.i am online shopping for coupons.we save at least $20.00 to 30.00 dollars a week shopping.this week i been going to target everyday and getting free bread (small loaf)and cereal.and cheap bannans.i get emails from target.i print there coupons from afullcup.com.you can put in how many you want.the bread coupon is $1.00 off-general mills cereal $1.00 off.and bannan coupon is .50 cents off.I have gotten $45.00 in free food. they have not said anything about the amout of coupons i have. thanks, ted

  4. Jayce! Keep it going! We would all be lost without you! However, I think we all understand where you are coming from! We would miss your wisdom immensely! I hope you stay for a long time!



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