Letterboxing: Ever Heard of It?

Picture from Letterboxing.org.

My friend Debbie mentioned that she might take her family out letterboxing this week. To which I was like...what? :) Well, come to find out, it is actually a very cool thing!

I really can't explain it all. The details are all HERE but the overall concept is that you hunt for letterboxes, put your stamp in their book and theirs in yours. You fill your book full of stamps from all of your letterbox findings!

I am now so incredibly intrigued that I am going to start doing this with my husband soon before winter hits. We are bit puzzle-lovers and love a good mystery. So this sounds right up our alley.

Have any of you ever done this?

Thanks, Debbie, for the really fun idea!!

UPDATE: It sounds like some of you have been having some fun with something similar called Geocaching! Another cool thing for me to research! Thank you so much for sharing!!


  1. This was the first I have heard of it. I did some online research today and we are going to try it out this weekend. It sounds like fun!

  2. We've made our stamps -- carved out of 19¢(?) pack of erasers -- and hope to find some soon. We each have a notebook -- free from CVS to use for stamping and we just have to get out there!

    We've had more success with Geocaching. I use clearance/free goodies as trade items for that! :-)


  3. Our family does gecaching. Go to www.geocaching.com
    and you can find out about this it is similar to letterboxing. There were not many leterboxings in our rural area but there lots of geocaches. We usually do this when we go camping.


  4. We have done quite a few of them and have LOVED it. We find the more fun in fall because, here in South Central PA, there are lots of bugs in the bushes and trees and that's where the box usually is!

  5. Wow! I'm so intrigued! I think I'm going to incorporate this into my 5th grade class this year! Thanks!


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