Trying New Things: Mission Jalapeno Cheddar Wraps and Pizza Recipe

As I've mentioned before, I am quite the chicken when it comes to buying new foods. I love trying new things...I just hate spending money on things we may not like. But at the same time, life is about being adventurous, too. So I decided that from time-to-time, I'll pick up something new. These aren't from sponsors but just from my own grocery budget. Here's my first one!

I was watching an episode of Everyday Food (PBS Station on Saturday) and they had a recipe for a Thinnest Crust Pizza, using Sandwich Wraps! How absolutely intriguing! You'd think since Chicago is famous for deep dish pizza that it would be our favorite. But in our book, the thinner the pizza, the better it is!

When I went to pick up some sandwich wraps, I found that Mission makes a Jalapeno Cheddar kind. Now that sounded interesting!! When I made the pizzas, I put a piece of parchment paper on a cookie sheet, added the sandwich wrap and then sprayed it with a touch of oil before adding our toppings.

The boys love pepperoni and black olives so that was theirs. I had put a layer of tomato sauce below those toppings and covered everything with motzerrella cheese.

We had some leftover cooked turkey so I made the second one with that, black olives and shredded Mexican cheese. I wish I would have thought to try BBQ sauce instead of tomato sauce on it. Next time!

I cooked both at 450 degrees but they were done in 10 minutes and not the 20 the original recipe called for. So if you make these, keep an eye on them the first time around so you can find out the proper timing of your oven.

So our first little test worked out great. We loved the sandwich wraps and they made amazing pizzas! I was thinking these might be great appetizers for a party or even good quesadillas if you added another wrap on top of the cheese! At any rate, they are a quick way to make a supper/snack. I loved that the Jalapeno Cheddar ones had a slight "kick" but weren't overly spicy. I'll definitely be adding them to future shopping lists.


  1. Jaycie,
    That sounds delicious! I think I will have to pick up some wraps and give this a try. My guys all love ham and pineapple so I know that will be on the menu. Thanks for sharing,
    Lisa ~ Mojo Savings

  2. I use the tortillas all the time to make quesadillas for a quick lunch. I spray my fry pan with some Pam, place in a tortilla, add whatever cheese I have on hand (shredded, chunk or slices) on one half and then fold the tortilla in half over the cheese. Flip it over and cook the other side and I am done. Use my pizza cutter to cut it and then dip it in salsa and sour cream. Yum! And so easy. ~Wendi


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