6 Weeks of Organization: End of Week 1 Re-Cap

I mentioned last week how Moms By Heart and I are working on a 6 Weeks of Organization Series that started last Tuesday. Well, it's the end of Week 1 and I thought I'd give you an update on where I'm at. Here were my goals for the first week:

Week 1: Closets/Garage - Finish the last few closets that have clutter and flip over to the next season's clothes. Our garage has become a store-all over the summer and we need to re-org. I'll also be cleaning out our vehicles and getting them "winterized."

Before I show you pictures, this is what you must know. We do not have a basement in our house. So everything we need to store--lawn equipment, keepsakes, holiday decor, baby items, bikes, etc. must all be stored in our garage, tiny attic above it or in a small coat-sized closet in our family room. Everything else is in our own rooms. When we decided to start working on this on Sunday, we took everything out of the attic and went through it ALL! So in the before picture below, this is everything in our garage and attic. It took 4 hours to go through it and get it ready to recycle/trash/donate. Only 3 containers went back into the attic, along with a few camping items. We were able to move our Christmas village up there, freeing up room in our inside closet.



It was tough work but it felt great to see what we accomplished. My in-laws watched the kids so we wouldn't have to worry about them. My hubby and I chatted the whole time. We also did the "memory lane" stuff of, "Aww...remember when Nathan fit into this?" :) Now while it wasn't quite a dinner/movie date, we still had a lot of fun together.

On Monday, I decided to work on my SUV. I vacummed it out and then gave it a good cleaning with Armour All to shine it up. I took *everything* out before I started. Emptied out the glove box, center console, all the toys, etc. It's amazing how clean it is now. I even went as far as to get a New Car Scent Freshener to try to remind me to keep her looking like new. Here is the after picture:

I also straightened out our coat-sized closet in our family room. I still have one more closet to finish (mine!) but I think I did pretty good this week! :) It feels great to see everything so clean.

What's on my agenda for Week 2?

Week 2: Paper Areas - Our computer desks have been taken over by paper! I also need to revise my couponing organization, as I just have too many to fit my current organizers. I'm also going to work on our next budget and find a better solution to mail/bill storage.

I've got a giveaway lined up for "celebrating" a great Week 1. So stay tuned.

I'm hoping your organization is going well, too!

Also, I wanted to open this posting up to any organization questions. Are there any areas that you are struggling with and need tips on from either myself or my reader friends?


  1. Looks great! I saw you talking about your garage on Twitter so had to see the before and after pics! We just did our garage about a week ago--although I have to say it was WAY messier! ;) We still don't have it looking like yours, but at least it's all organized in containers/boxes for garage sale and such!

  2. Excellent job. I think you both did a great job.

  3. I'd love to hear about your paper cleaning/organizing as this is the area in which I get stuck. I have a file cabinet and a computer desk that doesn't have any drawers. Any suggestions?


  4. ...awesome! OK...you kind of motivated me... although I haven't done anything yet, lol! I think I will start by getting my SUV looking new again (yours looks great...and I bet it makes you feel happy...)
    wish me luck & WTG!!!


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