CVS: Free Wheat Thins and Colgate Toothbrushes

Common Sense with Money has a posting HERE with how you can snag Wheat Thins and Colgate Toothbrushes for FREE at CVS.

Toothbrushes make great donations! Also, be sure you have a few spares for any overnight visitors. (They are often forgotten in the packing process!) :)


  1. You are so right about the toothbrushes. It is funny one of my daughters friends thinks it is so great that I have a touthbrush she can take home when she spends the night.

  2. My CVS has a lot of school supplies 75% off. Mini staplers, pencil shapeners(4 pack), pencils, sticky notes, etc. They also have desk lamps on sale. They ring up $1.24 and there is a $2.00 rebate on the box. The rebate limit is 6 per household. So you can make $3.00 buying desk lamps and use them for gifts for college students or whoever! The lamps also have an energy effient light bulb in them!! That is work $1.24 by itself.

  3. Sorry my math was wrong. It is a $4.50 profit for the lamps if you buy 6.


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