A Few Crafty Gifts and Link-Up

With all of these deals for 60%+ Off, I still wanted to take a minute to remind you that you can still make some nice gifts for a good price, too.

Last year, I made a few of what I call "Crayon Kits." I took an empty & clean frosting container, added a fresh box of crayons I picked up during school clearance sales and then used the computer to create a personalized name design. I attached it with some contact paper. In the one pictured, you can't see the designs on the sides w/ animals. I then added a couple coloring books I got on clearance or at the dollar stores. The kids loved them! You can also use a plastic coffee container for the bigger crayons. With all these free picture deals, you could attach a cute picture to one. So make some cupcakes for your child's class (or bring some in to your librarians) and save the container for a gift!

For the kids in your child's class, you can make hot chocolate cones. You just need some hot chocolate mix, small chocolate chips, marshmallows, red gum drop, ties/rubber bands and plastic cone papers. (Usually sold at party/craft stores.) Use craft store coupons and good sales to get a deal on them. Keep your eye out for deals on photo mugs. You can make the hot chocolate cone and put it in a photo mug for a cute gift set.

With photos, you can make a wall collage with photos, painter's canvas and fabric. The canvases are sold at craft stores and you should be able to get them for 50% off with coupon. (I got the letters at Michael's. They are normally $1. I made a few trips using 50% off coupons to get them for $.50 each.) Also, check your thrift stores for canvases. I was able to get two of mine for $4 total.

Photo Credit: Family Fun.com

You can have the kids make Grandma/Grandpa a cute Frosty for their doorstep. It's a garden paver, pom poms, pipecleaner and fabric for the scarf/nose and paint. Use coupons to get everything at discount.

Now this next one isn't for a Christmas gift, but a cute one for Thanksgiving....A turkey with "thankful feathers." You can read how to make it HERE.

Photo Credit: Parents.com

I know you all have some cute crafty and frugal gifts on your blog. Please leave a linky to share. Please make sure it's to that posting and not your homepage. (Thanks!)


  1. I'm SOOO gonna steal your hot chocolate idea. Thanks!

  2. I saw cones similar to that at Kmart yesterday. They were selling them for $3 each if I remember correctly!


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