Free Kindle For PC or iPhone!

Check this one out from Amazon: You can download a FREE application to your PC and/or iPhone and be able to read Kindle Books!

The PC FREE Download is HERE. (Not available for Mac, yet.)

The latest FREE Kindle Books are HERE

(You can get the iPhone version through the Aps Store.)

Thanks for sharing, Moms By Heart!

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  1. Barnes & Noble has a FREE ereader app too!! It is good for PC, Mac, IPhone, ITouch and Blackberry. They have most, if not all, of the free books listed on the page posted. I have used it on my Mac and my hubby's ITouch. They have even more books to buy, over a million.
    Plus, if you know someone who is going to buy the nook, B&N's ereader device (that is even better than the Kindle, in my opinion), than they can lend you books for 14 days!!! You don't have to have the nook, just the ereader on your own device!!! I'm excited for the nook!

    Thank s for letting me be excited,


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