Dominick's: My Great Find on Pork Loin

So I had just planned on stopping at Dominick's to grab some blueberries that were on sale for BOGO at $3.99. But I veered off to the endcap in the meat area that has proven to be a golden ticket the last three times I looked.

There they had Premium Pork Boneless Center Cut Loin that is normally $5.49lb in our area for only $1.79lb. Wow! Then came the big debate....stock up and possibly go over-budget for the week or pass it up. Well, as you can see from the picture, I bought 3 of them!

Now, I'd never spend $5.49lb but it's fun to see how much I saved if I were a person that didn't watch sales and coupon---$74.63!! Yup, it would have cost $104.99 but I only paid $30.36 for the 3 of them. Around $38 for all my groceries but we'll see how the week goes.

So aside from making pork tenderloin sandwiches, I'm scouring my books and online for more delicious recipes. (Anyone have a good one they've tried?)


  1. Pork is just yummy when its sweetened. Try slow cooking it in butter and maple syrup, serve it with potatoes and green beans....... as a common cook (like me) you'll just add what you feel is "your" right amount to make this recipes work. The most important part to cooking pork loin is to allow it to rest uncarved for 20 minutes. This allows the internal temp to reach between 150-160, at this point it will be its juiciest and flavorful!

  2. Oh Bless You! Thank you for sharing! I am definitely going to try that. I just got some pure maple syrup from a deal awhile back that I can use!! Maybe I'll have to add a pic of it on here after I cook it. It should look a lot better than the raw one on here now. :)

  3. We have gotten pork loins in the past for deals like this and my husband cut them into lots of 1 inch thick pork chops, lots of meals from them!

  4. Is it silly that I didn't even think about making pork chops out of it. I bet it will be so delicious! I'm getting hungry...

    Thank you for sharing, Donna! :)

  5. Our favorite is to season (I use Johnny's Garlic) but you can season with garlic powder, season salt, and pepper and put on the rotissery (SP?) , then comes the weird part...
    We cook Grands biscuits, corn, and Knorr lipton noodles. Pile all on a biscuit and have pork sandwiches. YUM

  6. One easy thing to do is stick half of one in a crock pot with a can or two of dr. pepper. Cook it all day...you have a great pork roast (tenderloin) to serve with any side. The left overs make great omelets, bkft casseroles or sandwiches! Enjoy!


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