What's On The Agenda at Coupon Geek for July & August?

I've been debating on what my plans would be for July & August. And by sheer luck, the ideas just seemed to present themselves. I love when that happens!

I've been getting comments/emails from people asking if I had any advice/recommendations for children's books, toys, dvds, gear, etc. I've soooo been wanting to do a Kids Series. Then, when I was at Target this last week, they were just loading up their dollar bins with the most amazing kids educational tools. Helping kids learn is definitely something dear to my heart. So here's what's planned:

Tuesdays - The Giveaways are still coming for July and August! I've got some really great kid's things that I've paired up for giveaways. I'm hoping this will fit the broad spectrum of my readership. I know some of you don't have little younguns' but you may have a grandchild, niece/nephew, neighbor, etc that might enjoy them. I'll throw in a regular giveaway every so often to break up the kid's things. (And a quick Thank You to everyone who uses my sponsor links and contributes to supporting the site. I roll a part of my money into giveaways to give back.)

Thursdays - It's Kid's Corner Time! This is just a place where I'll highlight a few of the things we've come to love in our house. I'll share my latest kid struggle (potty training, crawling, etc.) along with opening up with a linky for you to share yours. I'll also list the best kids/baby deals I've found.

And the latest "9AM" tips are going to be...31 Organizational Tips. These are mostly written by YOU the readers! (And thank you for sharing!) If there's one thing I can surely use more of in my life, it's organization! So as I'm posting your ideas, I'll be following them myself! I'm still working on August so we'll keep that secret for now. (Secret even to me!) :)

So I hope you'll enjoy the next series, giveaway selections and Kid's Corner Series.

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